Warranty Policy



O.penVAPE is committed to providing exceptional products.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty/Exchange Program for our O.penVAPE, go.pen & go.pen Plus products.

Here’s how it works:


If your O.penVAPE stops working for any reason—storm, earthquake, zombies, whatever—return it to your dispensary for a brand new replacement.

Keep in mind that you will need to bring your broken O.penVAPE and all its accessories to your local dispensary to have it replaced. If you lose it, we can’t replace it free of charge.

Options for Return:

In order to accept a return, please either download, print, fill out and send this RA FORM in with your return. Or simply fill out the Warranty Information on our CONTACT US page and send your defective product back. You will receive an email confirmation verifying that we received your submission

Please contact us at 844-OPENVAP (844-673-6827) if you would like to speak to a customer service representative. Once we receive your item back, inspect it and deem it defective we will issue you a new battery.

If the item you are trying to return or exchange is no longer being manufactured, out-of-stock or is no longer available for retail sale, O.penVAPE reserves the right to replace the product with another product similar in functionality to the product under warranty.

O.penVAPE Cartridge:

If your O.penVAPE cartridge leaks, take it back to the dispenary from where you purchased it and they will replace it free of charge. All sales are final on empty FIY cartridges purchased on our site. This would include colored, empty cartridges purchased.

go.pen and go.pen Plus by O.penVAPE:

If you purchased a go.pen or go.pen Plus at a dispensary or retail shop and your go.pen or go.pen Plus stops working within the first year due to faulty manufacturing, just bring it in with a proof of purchase. If the retailer has it in stock they willl simply replace the battery and you get to keep the rest. If they do not have your device in stock, please contact us at 844-OPENVAP (844-673-6827).

If you have purchased your go.pen or go.pen Plus online from www.openvape.com, please see below:

The following products are not available for return if not in the original, unopened packaging: go.pen, go.pen Plus, Dibber Dabbers, cartridges, O.penVAPE kits, or any other product intended to come into direct contact with essential oils. In the unlikely event of a return or exchange, we ask that you return the products to us at your own cost. Our return address is listed on our website, and you must take reasonable care to ensure that the goods are returned to us undamaged in the original packaging.

If you have purchased your go.pen or go.pen Plus from www.openvape.com and experience any issues with your device, please contact us directly at 844-OPENVAP (844-673-6827). We offer a Lifetime Warranty and will replace the battery and mouthpiece if you have any issues at all. All you need to do is arrange to return it to us and we will send you a new battery and/or mouthpiece free of charge.

Ziggy Marley Dry Herb Vaporizer:

If you’ve purchased a Ziggy Marley Dry Herb Vaporizer and it has stopped working, we are more than happy to help you out! The batteries have a limited one year warranty. If purchased online through our website, we will ask that you provide us with the order number. We will check the original purchase date, if it falls within one year, we are happy to replace it. If you have purchased the pen at a dispensary or store, we ask that you provide the original date purchased. A receipt or proof of purchase may be required.